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Welcome to NDA Packaging Services

A leading UK Reusable Packaging and Product Development Service with a holistic solution approach to market provision.

About Us

NDA Packaging is a UK reusable packaging and product development service with over two decades of international packaging, new product and project management experience.

Established in 1999 as a consultancy business and incorporated in 2003, NDA has diversified to include developing its own products, trading independently or jointly on a number of new initiatives.

Thus our services have a very real edge. From concept to launch we have first hand knowledge of the challenges and processes involved in developing, adapting and launching new and existing products into new or existing markets and sectors.

Whatever the project or product development requirements we have the necessary skills and experience to develop, introduce or manage appropriately. We take pride in operating as discreetly as necessary, offering direct or indirect product or project representation as befits.

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Our Services

01 Packaging Development

NDA's packaging development experience is extensive, operating with world-class companies, products and clients. Individually we helped develop the market for full aperture food can ends, stimulated the new sector growth of PET and pioneered its use in reusability. Our own Schoolbottle and Sportbottle brands now lead the market in 'hands-free' safety closures and the cause of refillable packaging, supplemented by our ReusableCups now rapidly attaining leading brand status.

02 New Product Development

Our award winning HydraChill project (see image) complements the extensive work we have undertaken with the UK water industry in highlighting the environmental benefits of tap water, of improved public access and sustainable packaging. We have driven new technology forward in this sector, including hands free filling and media screen integration and have received UK and global sustainability awards.

03 Project Management

We have experience of managing projects ranging from start-up initiatives to multi-million pound developments including grant application and business support. Our principle focus is upon sustainable concepts which offer energy and carbon footprint reduction.

04 Project Representation

A discreet service whereby we assist companies in developing products suitable for the tastes and concerns of UK consumers, presenting and establishing them with UK customers including tier 1 retailers. We offer direct or indirect product representation as befits.

Our Products

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Sport Bottle

NDA Packaging Services are a leading UK schools, sports and business water bottle supplier. We are established frontrunners in reusable packaging, with a unique history of developing refillable solutions.

Besides a wide selection of reusable bottles we also offer other refillable packaging solutions with every step taken carefully considered, from the quality of our products to the helpfulness of our service.

So our products are industry best standard, as is the service provision which complements them. We strive to ensure that either collaborating with or purchasing from us is an enjoyable and fruitful experience.

To view our products and services, please visit our Sportbottle site by hitting the button below.

School Bottle

NDA Packaging Services are award-winning leaders in the field of reusable packaging, with a unique history of developing solutions that facilitate retention and refilling

Under our Schoolbottle brand we have attained a leading status as a pioneering UK schools water bottle supplier, spearheading the development of 'hands free' valve closures allied to a unique bottle design to eliminate spillage.

Our school water bottles and caps are all produced in the UK to the highest quality standards, developed from our years of exceptional experience in this field. We pride ourselves in the schools service we provide and the health and environment issues on which we have consistently led.

Besides our selection of carefully developed reusable water bottles, School Bottle also offers schools other complementary solutions , engendered by our unique, integrated approach to refillable solutions.

Please click on the blue box below to visit and learn more about the Schoolbottle approach and range of products and services.

Reusable Cups

Every day in the United Kingdom over 7 million single-use cupscups are effectively ‘thrown away’, Non-recyclable they effectively end up instead in landfill, littering our streets or even polluting our oceans.

The solution is as essential as with our water bottles. Re-use and refill. So, the step for us, in extending our reusable container range from water bottles to coffee cups, was natural.

Our reusable cups are designed to create a lasting impact. Double walled to optimise heat retention, yet retaining handling comfort.  Print quality is second to none, from single colour spot print to full colour digital in mould labelling (IML). 

With most coffee outlets now offering discounts our reusable cups are proving a significant hit and are an ideal incentive to facilitate retention and reuse. 

Hitting the link below will take you to our reusable cups website for further details and information.


The UK has among the best quality tap water in the world but does not always supply the easiest access to hygienic refilling options.

HydraChill Water Refilling Stations have been developed to help provide free refilling access for reusable water bottles outside of the home in a unique, dynamic and fully customisable format.

In addition to supplying filled and chiltered water totally free from cross contamination potential, the HydraChill 2-in-1 model provides the unique option of reusable water bottle purchase from the same unit

The first to supply free drinking water to UK commuters, HydraChill has won UK and global environmental awards for its imaginative solutions.

As our product range expands, we have driven new technology forward in this sector to include electronic filling and integrated media screen options.

To learn more about HydraChill’s unique achievements and our ongoing hands free solutions, visit the website link below or contact us directly. We can provide a package to include our reusable bottles which are compatible with HydraChill units.

Further Information

We aim to provide our customers with not just the best possible product, but the best service too. We understand the difference this can make to your decisions.

Enquiries: Tel: 01792 863331 Fax: 0870 7525485
Sportbottle Sportbottle Hydrachill Approved NHS Supplier Green Apple Award Made in Britain